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Practice Areas

Business Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate Attorneys

Providing legal solutions in Oregon since 1978, Schmidt & Yee, P.C. , provides advice for people in the Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and greater Washington County area of Oregon about their real property, their business, contracts, construction, senior and elder issues such as guardianships, conservatorships, Medicaid and their estate planning.

Estate Planning

The estate planning lawyers of Schmidt & Yee can help you secure your estate for future generations by counseling you on wills and trusts, asset protection, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. Remember that estate planning is for everyone, not just a senior service. Protection for minor or disabled children is also an important aspect of estate planning. Get the peace of mind of having your sound decisions legally set, and decide now who will make important decisions in the event that you cannot.

Consult with Schmidt & Yee to determine when and if a probate is necessary after the death of a loved one. They can handle the probate process for you as an executor/personal representative, heir or trustee. The administration of an estate does not have to be long and complicated when you use competent counsel from Schmidt & Yee.

Business Consulting

At Schmidt & Yee, our business law attorneys will protect your business by helping you make the right business transaction, the right way. We understand laws as they relate to your business and corporation. We have helped individuals and companies of all sizes establish themselves in the business world by setting up corporations and LLC's, and they remain with us as they grow and add shareholders and sell assets and stocks. Our business law attorneys also counsel businesses on joint ventures and partnerships.

In addition, Pamela Yee has many years of experience in collection of business accounts and contracts between you and your customers.

Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys can help you make legally sound decisions when developing your property, selling to a builder or contractor, new construction, buying or selling a home or commercial property. We will scrutinize your purchase and earnest money agreement for your benefit and advise you on your need for inspections or surveys to determine property lines. Buying a home can be a tremendous investment, and the real estate lawyers of Schmidt & Yee can help you make the most of it.


Michael Schmidt has extensive experience in the process to establish guardianships and conservatorships in Northwest Oregon, including Washington and Multnomah Counties, including temporary and emergency guardianships and conservatorships. He has handled many cases involving minors, incapacitated elderly and the mentally ill.

Intellectual Property

Schmidt & Yee, P.C., through their associate, Scott Rennie has worked across industries from manufacturing to creative design helping clients develop effective and lasting intellectual property protections. Scott's experience includes trademark, trade dress, and copyright execution and protection. In addition to branding strategies, Scott has helped businesses design protocols for managing and protecting Trade Secrets.

Aviation Law

Schmidt & Yee, P.C. can assist you with aviation law issues, which present unique situations. Scott Rennie, the firm's associate, is an aviation enthusiast with a private pilot rating. Scott is well-versed in the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and through his experience has a practical understanding of application of the FARs to professional, as well as recreational aviation activities, businesses and aircraft.

Probate and Trust Administration

Schmidt & Yee, P.C. has many years experience assisting families with the probate of estates and administration of trusts. Administration of estates and trusts requires complicated coordination of court filings, tax preparation, property management and eventual distribution to beneficiaries. We assist the executor of the estates or trustees of trusts in fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities to both creditors, heirs and beneficiaries. Contact Schmidt & Yee, P.C. to help when an estate or trust needs administration.

Our lawyers can also advise you on consumer law matters, including creditor representation. If you have a legal question regarding real estate law, business law, or estate planning, contact us at the law office of Schmidt & Yee, P.C.