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Do you know how to talk to your adult children about your estate?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Estate Planning |

You have started planning your estate and legally documenting your end-of-life desires. How much do your children know about your estate and any assets you plan on giving them? 

If you have trouble starting this conversation, see what advice Kiplinger offers. Talking about money is often a hard conversation to have, but do not let the hurdle prevent you from comforting your children and letting them comfort you. 

Face the discussion head-on 

Discussing your estate is a necessary and essential conversation, one you should not avoid. You may put the conversation off for another time, but doing so could delay the conversation entirely. You may also sidestep the discussion because of a reluctance to talk about money. While understandable, focus more on meeting your desires and taking care of your kids when you are not around to do so. 

Take your time 

When you and your kids sit down to discuss your estate, ease into the conversation. You have a lot of ground to cover with estate planning and end-of-life desires. Rushing through the conversation could lead to leaving out vital information. If you need to, make a list of each talking point, checking each item off as you discuss it. 

Let your kids know who you want to act as executor  

You need someone to carry out your estate and honor your end-of-life wishes. If that person is one of your children, let them know which of them you chose and why. You do not have to choose one of your children as executor. If you feel they are not up to the task, choose a trusted friend or legal professional. 

Do not let shame, unease or anxiety keep you from talking to your adult children about your estate. Having the conversation ASAP can take a great weight off your shoulders.