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4 factors that affect lot line adjustments

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

You may have a large parcel of land that you want to sell as smaller lots. To do this, you must subdivide the property, and that means adjustments to the lot lines.

Oregon law allows for the subdivision of property under certain circumstances. You have to be able to meet the requirements to subdivide your property. Here are some of the factors that affect your eligibility.

1. Location

The location of the parcel of land affects your ability to subdivide it. The law regards a rural parcel of land differently than one within the corporate limits of a city.

2. Land use

For a rural parcel of land, it makes a difference whether it is for forest use, farm use or a mixture of the two. You also cannot make an adjustment to a parcel put to one of these uses that would reduce one parcel of land if one adjacent to it would increase to a size that exceeds the minimum allowed.

3. Zoning ordinances

Depending on the location of your parcel of land, the city or county must approve the lot line adjustment. In doing so, the government authority must comply with the applicable zoning ordinances in force in that area.

4. Previous adjustments

It makes a difference if the existing property line underwent a previous adjustment because of a waiver. If that is the case, you cannot increase the size of a lawfully established subdivision to more than two acres if it is high-value forest or farmland or more than five acres if it is not.

Failure to comply with the legal requirements may mean that the city or county does not approve the adjustment you want to make.