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How to prepare for a closing

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

If you are purchasing a new home, and you are getting close to closing day, you are probably excited to get the keys and move in. However, there are many things involved with the closing process, and unknown things can pop up.

If you know what to expect at the closing, and how to prepare for it, there is a better chance there will not be any surprises.

Perform a final walk-through

According to, you will be able to do a final inspection of the house within 24 hours of the closing. This ensures that the seller completed any agreed-upon repairs or arrangements. If not, you can push back the closing until their completion. A walk-through also makes sure the sellers are completely out of the house so you can move in.

Clear the title

Without a clearing of the title, there is the rare chance that someone will come along in the future and claim rightful ownership of the house. During the closing process, the title company will conduct a title search to see if there are any potential issues. You will also need to purchase title insurance for legal protection.

Prepare documents to bring to the closing

Bring every necessary document to the closing to prevent a delay. Some things to bring with include:

  • Copy of the sales contract
  • Identifying IDs for all buyers
  • Home inspection reports
  • Homeowners insurance documentation
  • Mortgage loan paperwork
  • Cashier’s check for the down payment, unless given wire transfer instructions, and personal checkbook for potential, unseen fees

Review financial documents

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discusses the importance of reviewing your closing disclosure before showing up to the closing. You have three business days to review it, and you want to make sure the numbers and amounts match the original loan estimate. Some figures may be different, and you will want to understand why and what they mean before signing the official paperwork.