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The pros of using a real estate lawyer

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

A real estate lawyer offers a number of services related to land and property transactions. In Oregon, this mainly involves handling the sales and purchases of residential and commercial property. A lawyer may be able to assist with any property-related task you need doing.

A title search of property

A property title search allows you to search public records online and in courts to find the title and proof of ownership. The title reveals the legal owner and is needed to transfer ownership to you or someone you know. The title also reveals if there are any liens that could prevent you from buying a property.

Resolve land and property disputes

Land and property disputes are arguments over how a property should be managed. It can involve the property owner and any individual or organization, from neighbors to homeowner associations, that disapproves of how the property is being run.

Draft documents

A lawyer helps you draft any type of real estate contract to rent, sell or purchase a property. A license agreement allows the owner, called a licensor, to lend property to a licensee for specific uses.

Provide general advice

A lawyer may research, interpret and explain real estate law issues for anyone who is buying or selling property. Real estate lawyers provide a wide range of services to clients who need to understand the law before they start the sale process.

Guidance for every step of the way

Buying and selling real estate in Oregon can be a never-ending challenge if you’re not familiar with the legalities. A contract or deed that is signed becomes legally binding, so buyers, sellers and owners must know their rights and responsibilities before making any commitment.