Keeping You On Track As To Your Legal Matters

A Law Firm For The Life Of Your Business

Our law firm in Aloha, Oregon, provides a wide range of business law services for clients who start a new business and for those who want to set up a succession strategy to plan for the next generation of business ownership. Here are some of the many ways we can contribute to the organization and success of your business.

Start Your New Enterprise

When you form a new business, it is prudent to seek the counsel of a lawyer and a CPA. At Schmidt & Yee, P.C., we work in concert with the recommendations of your CPA to identify which entity is best for your business. Then, we complete the proper documents to set up a legal entity to provide you with liability protection and your desired tax treatment. We charge a flat fee for setting up a business so that you can accurately budget for the expense.

Receive Legal Counsel

Our firm serves as a general legal counsel for business clients that do not have their own in-house counsel. Our business law knowledge can serve as a resource for your enterprise as well.

Draft Partnership And Shareholder Agreements

Partnership, buy-sell, stock redemption and cross-purchase agreements are terms used for agreements between owners of a business entity regarding the withdrawal, sale, death or disability of an owner. Such an arrangement is strongly recommended between owners, so everyone has a clear understanding as to what will occur when there is a withdrawal of a stockholder, voluntarily or involuntarily.

We also draft employment, noncompete and trade secret/confidentiality agreements and documents for key employees,

Draft And Review Contracts

Signing a business contract without seeking legal advice can be a costly mistake.  Our attorneys can assist you with the development of contracts that protect your interests.

Create Your Succession Plan

All too often, family businesses do not have a plan for the next generation of business ownership.  As a result, many businesses do not survive after the death of the owner. We can help you be proactive and create a succession plan for your business.

Find Out More

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