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Common types of business intellectual property in Oregon

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Business Law |

Intellectual property serves as a cornerstone for businesses. For example, it offers protection and exclusivity over the creations of a business.

In Oregon, many companies leverage various forms of intellectual property. Doing so lets them safeguard their innovations and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Trademarks are a prominent example of intellectual property. They distinguish a business’s products from competitors’ products and represent the company’s brand identity and values.


Oregon is home to numerous businesses that rely on patents to protect their innovations. For instance, a business might hold numerous patents related to semiconductor technology. These patents would grant a company exclusive rights to their inventions.

This prevents others from manufacturing or using similar technologies without permission.  Protection of this type encourages companies to invest in research and development, driving innovation in the region.


Copyrights play an important role in safeguarding creative works. An animation studio, for instance, relies on copyrights to protect its animated films. By securing copyrights, the studio ensures it has sole control over the reproduction, distribution and adaptation of films. This allows the studio to monetize its creations effectively.

Trade secrets

Companies rely on trade secrets to protect confidential information such as manufacturing processes and customer data. By maintaining the secrecy of such information, companies can maintain a competitive advantage in the market and preserve their unique business practices.

Intellectual property serves as an important asset for many businesses. By leveraging various intellectual assets, companies in the state can drive economic growth.