Keeping You On Track As To Your Legal Matters


Pam has always taken very good care of my business.

Kip Johnston

I’ve depended on Mr. Schmidt for my yearly guardianship reports for my mom for years. Highly professional and timely.

Sam Damm

So knowledgeable. Mr. Schmidt answered all our questions. We highly recommend. They have helped us several times, efficiently and professionally.

Cynthia Keene

You’ve been wonderful to work with and I appreciate you so much.

Leanne M

We want to thank you for your exceptional work on this contract. Thank you for all you have done to help us. You are top on our list for future needs. We hope that you will be available for any further questions.

Diane T. and Julie T.

Jo is very apprehensive of the legal profession and related costs ….. it took some persuading to convince her we really needed professional legal advice ….. while she was still a bit apprehensive at first, all that fear has diminished!

In fact, if anyone asks, they’ll hear all about this great real estate attorney in Aloha ….. you did a great job Pam and we appreciate it.

Thanks again,

J and D

We used Pamela Yee at Schmidt and Yee to help us sell our house. She is a great lawyer if you need a private attorney/lawyer to help you with a residential real estate transaction in Oregon (especially in the Portland, Hillsboro, Sherwood or Beaverton areas) without using a realtor or paying a realtor’s fee or commission.

I wanted to do a private sale of my home to a friend without incurring a real estate commission. I already had the buyer and we’d agreed on the price. Even though I am a retired lawyer, I don’t know much about real estate practice and had only ever bought or sold a house through an agent in the past, so I asked my colleagues to refer me to someone who practices in this area and I was given Pamela Yee’s name by two fellow attorneys. I had never met her, but I trusted the judgement of the attorneys who recommended her.

She met with us right away, explained how the process worked, prepared the contracts, and directed us to a title agent to us that could explain the title process to us and had worked a lot with people who are doing residential real estate transactions without real estate agents. We had some amendments to the contract and she was right on it, getting the new documents to me within a day. She responded promptly to every email and was a pleasure to work with. She was so knowledgeable and made the private real estate sale an easy process.

Her fees were really reasonable – less than $1000 and would have been less had we not required several amendments. They might be higher if you had a lot of negotiations to do or a problem with inspection or something, but her hourly rate was reasonable if we had needed any additional assistance.

By using Pamela Yee to help us with the contracts and Oregon requirements necessary for the deal to close, we saved a 6% realtor fee in selling our house and were very comfortable with the process the whole way. It was the best decision we could have made. I highly recommend her if you want to avoid a realtor’s fee/commission and are dealing with a buyer or seller on your own in an Oregon transaction.

Kathryn P., Retired Attorney

From 1978 to 2003 I ran Special Asset Divisions and Loan Adjustment Departments for several large financial institutions. As Vice President and Manager of these departments, I spent most of my time dealing with Debtor/Creditor law firms in the Portland area and across the country. From 1991 to 2003 I had the pleasure of dealing with the Schmidt and Yee firm and was very satisfied with their results and their professionalism. It should be noted that Pam is also licensed in the state of Washington which, at times saves a lot of time and money trying to find a new and competent attorney. Pam’s partner, Mike Schmidt is an Elder Law specialist who also does Estate planning and has done some work for me in that area. The office staff of the firm has always been friendly and courteous.

George DeCloedt

“Several short phrases of praise for the Schmidt and Yee organization. Well trained and courteous employees in the front office. Mike a long time Kiwanian. Pam a prior Rotarian for years. Both are involved in Aloha Business Association. Their professional work is on time and frequently same day service; above all, they are smart and fun to be around.”

Robert Hoffman, DVM (retired)